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21 Programmes in Brijuni National Park
21 Campaign "Islands of Timeless Inspiration" for Brijuni National park. Brochure, Leaflet and Billboard.
Brand naming, Brochure, Leaflet and Billboard
21 4film Film Production Company
21 Visual identity and a Logo Telop for a Film Production Company 4film
Visual identity, Logo Telop
2021 #empatijasada (en. "#empathynow")
Campaign against domestic violence
Graphic Design, Logo Design, Web Design
20Pazite kome vjerujete (en. Be carefull who you trust)
Visual Identity, Flyer, Poster
Advertising, Graphic Design
2019 Podravina & Prigorje
Visual identity and a Slogan for the Tourist Board of Koprivnica-Križevci County.
Visual identity design, Name branding, Slogan
2019 Marmelobags
Website and Web Shop
Graphic Design, Fashion, Web Design
10-21 Logotypes
Collection of Logotypes
Branding, Logo Design, Infographic
2016 Projects for Embassy of Sweden in Zagreb
From anniversary logo and brochure to shirts, infographics.
Graphic Design, Branding, Web Design
14Mala škola arhitekture(Little School of Architecture)
Brochure and Poster
Graphic Design, Illustration, Infographic
2014 Map guide and Brochure of the city of Split
Map guide and Brochure
Graphic Design, Advertising, Advertising Photography
2014 Programme Sava
Visual identity and Website for a project Programme Sava about building damns and floodgates on river Sava.
Visual identity, Website
2014 Zagreb Chamber Orchestra - Musica Maximaa
Identity for a series of Classical Music Posters
Poster design, Zagreb Chamber Orchestra, lasical music
Visual Identity
Graphic Design
2013 Dura
Projects made for for Dubrovnik Development agency "Dura"
Brand naming, Visual identity, Poster, Brochure, Packaging
2013 Dječja posla - Kid's Business
Visual Identity and Website
Graphic Design, Branding, Web Design
2012 Otvoreno Kamensko (en. "Open Kamensko")
Name Branding, Visual Identity for the Poster Campaign
Name Branding, Visual Identity, Poster Campaign
2012 Govorni udžbenik (en. "Talking Textbook")
Visual identity, Website
Public project, Graphic design, Disabilities
2011 Pokažite im put (en."Show them the way")
Sign, Logo, Brochure and Billboard for Campaign Pokažite im put (en."Show them the way") for prevention of underage drinking.
Sign, Logo, Brochure, Billboard
2010 Processteq
Name, Logotype and a Poster for International Conference of Process Technologies.
Name, branding Logotype design, Poster design
2010 Monography Davor Vuković by Darko Glavan
Artist Davor Vuković's Monography
Graphic Design, Painting
2010 Intech
Logo and Visual Identity, Book covers for Intech Open Access Publisher of books covering the fields of science, technology and medicine.
Logo design and Visual Identity design, Book cover design
2010 ADB Architectural Design Bureau, Zagreb
Visual Identity and Website
Graphic Design, Architecture
2006 Madison Consulting
Visual identity and a slogan for a PR Agency in the field of Strategic planning.
Visual identity design, slogan
2003 School of Design in Zagreb
15 Years of the School of Design in Zagreb - Logo, Identity, Poster and Identity, Flyer and Poster for the Industrial design departments workshop named "Reinvented Functionality".
Logo design, Identity design, Poster, Brochure design, Flyer, Cd holder
2003 TOZ Leonhardi Campaign for artist's tools
TOZ is a renound CroatianArtist's Tools manafacturer- The campaign is thought of as a series of posters with headlines and images of famous pictures from famous artists. The headlines would articulate the images in a funny way.
Poster design, Campaign, Artist Tools
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